A metaphor for life

They say patience is a virtue.  Unfortunately for me, it is not one I possess. I want what I want, when I want it.

Mister Perfect, I do want you to be, well you know, perfect, but if you could also just appear right now that’d be great.

Career transition, yes, I know I am laying all the ground work and doing all the right things, but can’t it just be transition-ed already?!

In fact, I don’t even enjoy online shopping I am so impatient. Why spend all that money if I don’t get the instant gratification of hanging all my new goodies in my closet. Right. Now.

Unfortunately, the universe does not work on my schedule. And never was that more clear to me then last night. If you live in the greater Denver metro area, the last few days have felt  like we moved to Seattle without our knowledge. Cold, cloudy, rainy.  So, when I left a work dinner last night, I had to get into a cold car. A freezing cold car. And I had no choice other then to be *patient* and wait for my car to warm up. There was nothing I could do but sit there in the cold, until *the car* was ready for it to be warm. A whole 5 minutes later.

It was like the universe was slapping me across the face and saying, “this is a metaphor for your life! Sure you want the car to be warm right this very minute, but guess what? It isn’t and it won’t be, until it’s ready.”

So, I had a choice. I could sit there and be mad that I was cold and curse the cold. Or I could embrace the cold, turn up the music and enjoy the ride anyway. Because the truth of the matter is, as soon as the heat started blasting, I couldn’t even remember the cold that mere minutes before was making me grumpy.

So, there you go. The heater in my car is a metaphor for my life. And I still haven’t ridden a mechanical bull.


One response to “A metaphor for life

  1. I am practicing patience right now because I have to wait a whole ‘nother week to see you!

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