A Tale of Two Cities – Literally

It was the best of times (in Boulder), it was the best of times (in Denver).

A Colorado native, I have actually never lived anywhere else. Mostly, because I love it here! More sunny days then San Diego, four complete seasons (usually that is), a close proximity to the mountains (Colorado’s version of the Hamptons, at least in my opinion), the list goes on and on. Not to say that I don’t have the occasional fantasy of living in a Big City somewhere, but my hear belongs in CO.

I lived in Boulder for five years, the four that I attended college at the University of Colorado and the year after I graduated when I was trying to figure out my life. Those years, they were *amazing*. Boulder is such a fantastic city, truly the perfect place for me to go to college. But after graduating I was looking for a different “scene”.Ā  Less dread locks and college students, more Dockers and young professionals.* So, as soon as my finances allowed, I moved to Denver, and I love it! It is a move I have never regretted, even as my work has always kept me at least partially in Boulder.

But lately, on warm summer nights, when dusk doesn’t come ’til after 8 o’clock and work and dinners are over, I feel a slight pang in my chest as I look out at the Flatirons on my drive home.

I had always thoughI would move back to Boulder at some point, when IĀ  we were ready to settle down. But that was with him and I let go of that some time ago and started to think about settling down in Denver, the city I love so much, where all my close friends live. Where I get the big city feel, with everything I love so much about Colorado.

So, why now, after all this time am I missing Boulder so much? I think it’s partially that there are so many amazing people in Boulder that I have had the opportunity to meet over the last six months. A whole new social scene that didn’t exist when I graduated. But it’s not like I am unhappy in Denver now, I still love it! That pang in my chest goes away as soon as I see the city skyline. Is it nostalgia for a simpler time gone by? The grass is always greener syndrome? How can one person feel at home in two places? Am I the only one who feels this way?!

Readers, I want your thoughts!

*When I graduated from college back in 2006, the hip Boulder start up scene didn’t exist


4 responses to “A Tale of Two Cities – Literally

  1. I believe you feel this way because Boulder now has a different meaning to you. If college is the bridge between highschool an the real world, and downtow city living is the bridge between your early and late 20s. Boulder now represents you wanting to settle into the next stage of life. You are wavering right now because you are still not 100% sure on what life you want. So stay in Denver and get drunk (only on the weekends) and move to boulder when you find a nice Jewish boy šŸ™‚

  2. I would have the same conundrum if Durango and Boulder were close. Denver is too big and scary for me.

  3. As a member of the hip boulder startup scene in 2006, I heartily disagree with your asterisk. But I’ll let it slide šŸ™‚

    I have a view of the Flatirons out of Thomas’s window and a view of the Denver skyline out of my bathroom window. For suburbia, not bad. I love both cities, too! And, oh right – I love you!

  4. You’re not the only one! I went to school in Denver, graduated in 2006 from DU, lived in downtown Denver, Louisville (yuck!), moved back to the highlands, now I live in Boulder, and am considering moving back to Denver. I co-founded an internet startup in 2004 while in College and have watched the Boulder startup scene take off as well. However there is more to life than the startup scene, and while I think Boulder is awesome, especially for work, the city isn’t great for young professionals. I really need to write my thoughts down on all of this. Long story short, Denver has more to offer for younger post-college 20 and 30-somethings than Boulder. You’re only young once… live it up! You can always drive to Boulder for the tech events and that community.

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