Cocktails and Croquet

I have been a bad girl blogger lately. What can I say, I am new to it and if I am being honest, everyone who reads it knows me and what is happening in my life anyway. But, I digress.

This summer flew by, as it tends to. And instead of writing a novel about how wonderful and amazing it was, I will say that the party my roommates and I threw the last weekend of the official summer season sums it up perfectly.

I mean, what isn’t to love about a cocktail party, in the afternoon? With a make your own mimosa or white whine spritzer bar?

And who doesn’t want to attend a pretentious Summer Soiree where all the food is on skewers? (No one, that’s who)

If you don’t like croquet, we may not longer be friends. (Turns out, I am incredibly good at croquet. Who knew?)

In short, it was everything my summer was. Super fun, over the top and a bit, exhausting, but worth every minute and every dime.


2 responses to “Cocktails and Croquet

  1. love this 🙂

  2. I don’t love this. “Amazing summer soiree, summed up my perfect summer…oh wait. It was planned knowing my best friend was out of town.” Sounds like perfect summer – Jenny 🙂

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