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Quaker Post

Quaker Post. I love Quaker!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Quaker. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Entertaining the for the Holidays

I love to entertain. Let me say that again, I LOVE to entertain! Something about having all the people I love in one place over food and drink, there is nothing better. If you are like me, your entertaining has improved tremendously over the years! Back in the day I thought a few bowls of chips and pretzels and few beverages were all a party needed. Boy, oh boy was I wrong. With the holidays fast approaching, (anyone else want to know where 2012 went?) I thought I’d share a few of my tips for hosting a successful holiday gathering:

1) Variety is key: This is my number one tip. Make sure you have a variety of food and beverages. I always like to have at least one non-alcoholic option, besides water, and depending on whether I am doing all appetizers or a sit down dinner, I like to have a few options. Something vegetarian, something gluten free, something fresh, something sweet.

2) Prepare as much ahead of time as possible:  Nothing is worse than feeling stressed, pressed for time and like you don’t have as much time to devote to getting yourself and your house ready right before your guests arrive. I always make as much as I can ahead of time, usually the day or 2 before hand, and freeze what I can until the day of.

3) Potlucks are the way to go!  Every year for my annual Christmas party I have an array of appetizers and sweets as well as a few beverages and then ask all my guests to contribute a dish to share as well. We end up with lots of delicious treats and no one goes hungry

4) Know your timing:  I have limited oven space, so I know that in order to make sure everything is cooked properly, and ready at the same time, I have to have my timing spaced out perfectly. This year, I’m asking for a new Breville Smart Oven, which will eliminate these worries! Until then, knowing what takes the longest and what doesn’t need to be piping hot when served helps me get meals on the table on time.

5) Have fun!  It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of throwing a holiday gathering, but I always make myself take a deep breath, put on my favorite Christmas album and remember that no matter what, I’ll be with the people I care about. And at the end of that day that is all that matter.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Breville.  The opinions and text are all mine.

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Moving On

When last I posted, I was a tad vague about a personal risk I was taking. While I don’t really want to address said risk in great detail at this point (or ever really) I will say that it did not pay off, but I wouldn’t change a thing. It didn’t end up as I wanted, or really expected. But, I know it was a risk worth taking.   As the French say, C’est la vie. 

So now, moving on. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Spring! Which is my favorite season! This year, more then ever before, new beginnings abound and while I am sad to say good bye, I am so excited for the future, (more on that in an upcoming post, I promise!)

In the spirit of all things bright, shiny, new and optimistic. Here are a few things I am excited about this spring!



My fabulous new apartment that I am moving into in 2 short weeks! Not to mention the decorating and organizing!


Lilacs, my all time favorite flower. And really, all the spring flowers that are in abundance now


My upcoming trip to Napa for one of dear friends weddings and wedding season in general. This isn’t a super busy one for me, which may explain the excitement


Coral, shorts, dresses, espadrilles and all warm weather clothes!


What are you looking forward to?






Ducky Baby Shower

There are few things I love more then throwing a party! I especially love throwing parties for friends and family that I love as they embark on exciting new chapters in their lives! My dear friend and sorority sister is pregnant with her first baby. My roommate Lisa and our good friend Emily hosted her baby shower yesterday and it was a huge hit!

We had a great time planning a duck themed shower and it turned out so well!


Brunch Spread

I  got to try out a new strata recipe that was amazing, and  make a few of my brunch favorites. The sour cream coffee cake, and spinach chorizo quiche with a potato crust, are perfect for these occasions.

The light grey and white color scheme was perfect for a gender neutral shower in mid-winter and who doesn’t love rubber duckies!


The hostess' and the mother to be

It was a great day with good friends and good food.  Now we just can’t wait to meet the baby!

30 Days of Thankful Day3

I am exhausted and could just as easily go to bed right now. But I made a commitment to myself and I if I don’t start to keeping these commitments to myself now, I might not ever.

So, why I am so exhausted today? Because after work, my amazing co-workers and I went out to Happy Hour and that is what I am thankful today. No, not Happy Hour, although, that may make the list 😉 I am SO incredibly thankful for my co-workers!

I have always felt that getting along with co-workers is so important, but to be able to feel like they are your friends and people that you *want* to spend time with outside of work is a huge blessing!

So ladies, of BlogFrog, thanks for being awesome. I am so incredibly thankful for you all!

30 Days of Thankful Starts Now

I got the idea for 30 days of Thankful from my amazing big sister.

Big Sister

I figured it would be good for me on a number of levels. First and most importantly, I believe that when we stop, and really focus on on all that is good in our lives, more good comes to us. Two, I thought, what a good way for me to have blog on a more regular basis.

So, I am a day late. Thus, I will doubly thankful today 😉

I am incredibly thankful for my Grandmother. She is my only living grandparent and we are lucky enough to have her live incredibly close to us. When I graduated from college I actually lived with her for a year.

Grandma and her Granddaughters

Because of these two factors, we are very close and I truly can’t imagine my world without her. However, she is 85 and I have to realistic and know that someday and potentially someday soon she may no longer be here.

But for right now, I am so thankful for her. I am thankful that she has so many stories from growing up during the Depression and raising kids in the 50’s and 60’s.

I am thankful she moved to Colorado after my grandfather passed away to be closer to the family. I am thankful that she has a home big enough to house me when I need it, whether it was after college or on a snowy night.

My thankfulness for her today is doubled because I am lucky enough to spend to nights in row with her, partially due to weather.

So, here’s to my new adventure. May you all be filled with gratitude of your own and whether you share it or not, be thankful for all that you have everyday this month!

School Readiness

As the daughter and sister of educators, many people ask me why I too am not a teacher. My response’s usually range from the sarcastic (and totally untrue) “I don’t like other people’s children” to the honest “I am horrible at explaining things to other people”. And while I could never be a teacher, I have spent more of my life listening to conversations about early childhood education then I would like to admit! Luckily for me, that means when the time comes that I have children of pre-school age and am ready to send them off I’ll have a good idea on how to prepare them, (and myself) before hand.

Take the time to meet you child’s teacher and tour the school before school starts. Once by yourself, and once closer to the start date with your child. If you tour it by yourself first, you will get all of your questions answered and out of the way. That way, when you tour with your child your focus can be on them, it also sets you up as an expert about the school to your child. I am not yet a parent, but I know as a kid, if my parents were confident in a situation I could tell, the same way I could tell when they were nervous or stressed out. If you know where you child is going to school, where and with whom they will be spending their days without you, and are happy in that decision, your child will be able to tell and will be much happier to be there as well.

Make learning fun! As many of you know, early childhood education is as much about what happens during the school day as it is what happens after they get home. There are teachable moments everyday and in almost every situation, school stops being fun when it stops being about new experiences.

Speaking of new experiences. Starting school is an exciting to start new traditions, or to revive your favorite ones from childhood. I can’t wait to back to school shop with my kids, or to snap that photo of them in front of that same tree every year so I can document how they both grow. But I also can’t wait to ask them “what back to school tradition do you want to start?” We all know kids want to be big kids and what better way to let them, then to put them in the driver seat of their back to school experience.

Those are just a few tips from me, the single non-teacher, who loves kids and can’t wait to have her own.

I’m curious to know: What advice do you have for moms prepping for preschool? KinderCarewill choose one lucky participant and make donation in their name to the Reach Out And Readchapter of their choice!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of KinderCare. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Contest Rules.